Sunday, August 27, 2017

Repot plants - what we are growing

Here is one of our rarest plants.  It is a Totara seedling.  
It has grown from a seed and is now 3 years old.
New Zealand native trees are very slow growing.
We will be looking after it at our nursery for a few more 
years before planting it somewhere special.

Here are some of our flax seedlings that we planted from 
seeds last year.  They have been growing for a year now.
Hopefully we will be able to plant them out next autumn.

Our next seed project is some kowhai seeds, collected from the Glenorchy
 region in Easter and some native broom seeds, collected
along the track beside the Arrow river towards the Sawpit Gully turn off.
We will be keeping our fingers crossed that we have success with both of these.
Last year we had no success with our first attempts at kowhai seedlings
but ...

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