Monday, July 24, 2017

Welcome back to school - Term 3

This morning I was approached by 2 of our Wetland Squad who were distressed about our plants and the shade house.

Last Friday Shotover and the Wakatipu basin experienced some extremely violent gusts of wind.  One such gust (I'm assuming this) picked up our shade house and deposited it on it's side about 5 m from where it was staked into the ground.
The result of which was a distorted shade house with plants and pots strewn all over of the upper field.

Immediately some helpers turned up and we quickly replaced the plants in root trainers and posts into their milk carts and tidied up the other stuff.  However a number of plants had been tipped out and needed to be replanted.  This meant that while others went back into the class, Tahila, Audrey and Dylan G worked for and hour in chilly conditions to help myself replant the seedlings.

Just before lunch David (the caretaker) turned up and was amazed at what he saw.  He quickly got to dismantling the shade house so that he could get a better look and see if any permanent damage had been done.  Luckily, there was minimal damage and with the help of some children he was able to reposition it temporarily until a more secure place can be be prepared for it.

So, what appeared to be a disaster at first was in hindsight more of an inconvenience as 2 hours of my time that was used to "fix the result of the ferocious wind".

Sorry no photos as I/we were too busy getting to work to record what we found.

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  1. oh those strong gusty winds... amazing team effort and super impressed to see how much the kids are involved... thanks Jill