Thursday, September 28, 2017

How many plants have the Wetland Squad planted this term?

The SWS (Shotover Wetland Squad) has recently counted all of our plants that we have re potted and there are roughly 639 all together!  
Today a group of kids (Noah, Eden, Audrey and Elsie) planted our leftovers (50), that we didn't plant last week because we ran out of time and potting mix.   So that makes a new total of 689. 
It was our last Wetlands work day for the term so I hope all the Wetland Squad plus their helpers had lots of fun!  
Enjoy the holidays and relax everyone Mr David (our amazing caretaker) will be keeping an eye on them while we take a well earned rest.
From Bailey and Tahlia (writing) as well as Millie (Photos )

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Repot plants - what we are growing

Here is one of our rarest plants.  It is a Totara seedling.  
It has grown from a seed and is now 3 years old.
New Zealand native trees are very slow growing.
We will be looking after it at our nursery for a few more 
years before planting it somewhere special.

Here are some of our flax seedlings that we planted from 
seeds last year.  They have been growing for a year now.
Hopefully we will be able to plant them out next autumn.

Our next seed project is some kowhai seeds, collected from the Glenorchy
 region in Easter and some native broom seeds, collected
along the track beside the Arrow river towards the Sawpit Gully turn off.
We will be keeping our fingers crossed that we have success with both of these.
Last year we had no success with our first attempts at kowhai seedlings
but ...

Monday, July 24, 2017

Welcome back to school - Term 3

This morning I was approached by 2 of our Wetland Squad who were distressed about our plants and the shade house.

Last Friday Shotover and the Wakatipu basin experienced some extremely violent gusts of wind.  One such gust (I'm assuming this) picked up our shade house and deposited it on it's side about 5 m from where it was staked into the ground.
The result of which was a distorted shade house with plants and pots strewn all over of the upper field.

Immediately some helpers turned up and we quickly replaced the plants in root trainers and posts into their milk carts and tidied up the other stuff.  However a number of plants had been tipped out and needed to be replanted.  This meant that while others went back into the class, Tahila, Audrey and Dylan G worked for and hour in chilly conditions to help myself replant the seedlings.

Just before lunch David (the caretaker) turned up and was amazed at what he saw.  He quickly got to dismantling the shade house so that he could get a better look and see if any permanent damage had been done.  Luckily, there was minimal damage and with the help of some children he was able to reposition it temporarily until a more secure place can be be prepared for it.

So, what appeared to be a disaster at first was in hindsight more of an inconvenience as 2 hours of my time that was used to "fix the result of the ferocious wind".

Sorry no photos as I/we were too busy getting to work to record what we found.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Term 2 visit to the Wetlands

Hi Everyone this blog is being updated by Felix and Tomas.
We walked down to see what type of signs we would need to make so that people can find the Wetland.  We decided that we needed signs for vehicles and people.

The girls standing by some types of signs that the QLDC use now.
Ollie is  measuring a plant to see if it was taller than him.
Everyone did this as we are going to monitor who gets taller sooner and who is the tallest,
 the tree or one of us.
These are some students beside the Marley Wood  track.

Daisy is measuring a the tree.

Caeleigh is measuring a tree it was just taller than her.  

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Native Planting


A member of the SWS has provided us with some Kowhai Seeds!

So we started planting:)
Watering the seeds
The seeds already for germination.  Fingers crossed by using this type of kit our seeds won't dry out.  This is what happened to our flax seeds, which is why they didn't germinate.  We are learning.
Our team hard at work.

We have been using the My Little Garden seed project as a way to learn how to care for seedlings.
After they have germinated we then repot them into the paper coffee cups so that the seedlings get bigger and then we will plant them into larger pots or the ground.
In doing this we are learning the process of seed raising and then we are able to transfer this to our native seeds.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What's Happening

SWS is having a planting day next Friday you can came help!

There are two options for helping
Option 1 - Hole Digging on Thursday the 27th October at the Wetlands from 9am.  Bring your shovel.

Option 2 - Planting with the kids, Friday the 28th October.
Meet us at School, 1:20pm or down at the Wetlands from 1:30pm.  We should be all done by 2:45pm

Come along and have a fun time helping our environment, oh, and us kids!